Invisible Women

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When I was visiting London just before the lockdown, Invisible Women was everywhere! Of course, I had to bring it home.

As a scientist, I was extremely pleased with all the research that went into Invisible Women. It is immediately clear that this is very well researched and that Caroline Criado Perez’s claims on (unwilling) gender bias are well backed up by the facts.

Personally, while it was no surprise that people fail to think of possible problems that do not concern them (for example the parking for pregnant women problem, which went unnoticed until one of the female directors herself was pregnant and encountered it for herself), I was mainly shocked that there was so little data that was grouped per gender.

I mean, I have never filled in a single questionnaire about anything without them asking for my gender, so I would guess that this data is available and just goes unused. Which is, as Invisible Women shows, clearly a pity…

Invisible Women – Caroline Criado Perez

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      1. Ah, very sweet! I haven’t worked in CF before; will definitely check out your post tomorrow morning!

        And, yes! I’m a postdoc and resident. My research is in behavioural medicine; and my practice is health psychology.

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      2. O, that is very interesting too! My research is rather basic science, but we have regular meeting with the CF clinic as well with their interdisciplinary teams and I think it is very good we have these so we always keep the patient perspective in mind.


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