Has anyone seen my reusable blocks? – Block editor frustrations

I am sorry to bother you with my little frustrations, but today all of a sudden I lost access to my reusable blocks, that I use to format all of my posts. I can no longer search for them or add them – although some of the lesser used reusable blocks I can still use. When I go to edit the blocks they are there – so at least they have not been deleted, but what use is this?

I have not complained a lot about the block editor, but this was one of the few things that was working smoothly and now they take it away from me?! I can’t start to fathom the logic behind it.

It was just a little bit too much on top on the people who were supposed to come today to finally finish the windows who didn’t show up…

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  1. I just tried a reusable block on my blog and was able to search and use them. I don’t have complex ones though, just some image and spacer combos with a few star rating personalized.

    Have you tried complaining on the Forums?

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    1. Some of them are still there, but many of my most used ones are gone. Or they are still apparently in the part where I can edit blocks, but I can no longer add them to the posts.

      I have never been to the forums yet – and am currently also a little bit short on time to figure it all out, just needed to ventilate some of my frustrations after a rather frustrating day 😉

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      1. I hear you about venting. And I’m wicked sorry this appears to be an ongoing thing.
        The block editor, besides being a royal pain, really seems like it isn’t ready for roll out. I’m reading all sorts of issues of random things not working for random people. The WP staff IS pretty good about helping out people though (despite all my complaining about them).

        Do you use chrome, by the way? I have had some wicked weird interactions with WP and chrome and have learned I have to clear my chrome cache of EVERYTHING once a month to keep wp happy. Not trying to be pushing or anything 🙂


  2. I wish I could help/ I’m just stumbling around with the Block editor myself. I’m not a fan and still learning . I wish there was a way using teh classic without having tp pay or redo it every time. :p

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    1. I was actually not as bad set against it – it is not so intuitive but once you got started with it and invested some time in making these reusable blocks it was sort of okay I thought. Now however, they seem to have taken the best part of it away…

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  3. Have you tried closing your site and browser and restarting everything? Sometimes that will reset things. I tried block editor one week and have gone back to classic. One day I’ll give it another try! I hope your problems resolve quickly!

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