Looking Back at #ReverseReadathon

Yesterday evening around eleven PM, I was starting to fall asleep, so I called it a day for the read-a-thon. While the second half wasn't as prolific as the first, I still immensely enjoyed it and read from almost all the books I had intended to read. I normally don't plan these things, so I... Continue Reading →

Halfway Mark #ReverseReadathon

A quick update from my side. Yes, I was perfectly asleep at the start of the readathon - thankfully. I woke up near the end of the fourth hour, and started reading Gideon the Ninth first. I still had about 4h left in the book, and finished it (how typical) in the Ninth hour of... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Go #ReverseReadathon

This post will go live at 2 AM when the read-a-thon starts - so I really hope I will be sleeping at that time (rather than lying awake bathing in sweat - it is really hot today). However, I already wanted to post my selected TBR reads and plans for the read-a-thon, so that when... Continue Reading →

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