The Not Bad Animals

Review: Fake news is nothing new, and not only human suffer from it. This is a collection of animals who have bad reputations, which is often based on untrue or highly exaggerated superstitions. To help overcome the stigmas, an overview of all the bad stuff per animal is given, followed by information to put it... Continue Reading →


Review: There is an entire world of books that are being published in foreign languages. So little of them actually reach us, that it always makes me sad. I grew up speaking Dutch and I still feel a little bit surprised whenever I see a Dutch work in English translation, so I know what it... Continue Reading →


Review: I like cats. I do. Of course, I like my own cat best. I also like humor. I thought. Either way, this sort of magazine turned out not to be for me. Immediately at the introduction I was thinking, this is not funny, and it didn’t really improve. The humor was not my style,... Continue Reading →

Total Olympics

Review: This would have been right in time for the summer Olympics if they hadn't been postponed to 2021, a book looking back at interesting facts about the previous editions. Filled with some history, some remarkable people who competed in the various sports events, and also some discontinued sports this was a very nice read... Continue Reading →


Review: (This is not the edition I read, I read the Little Black Classics edition, but it is hard enough already to find the books currently on BookLikes)   Frankenstein is one of the books that has been on my TBR the longest, but this week's Little Black Classic was a less well known work... Continue Reading →

The Geeky Chef Cookbook

Review: I always like it when people take something they like, in this case food, and look in a lot of different places how other people are dealing with it. In the geeky chef cookbook, accompanying the blog, there is a collection of foods, both savory and sweet that has links with many fandoms. The... Continue Reading →

Dear Girl

Review: I wrote to find the answers, insteadI found myself.Dear girl is a collection of short poems on female empowerment by a young new poet. This is her first collection, and as such it is dealing with very urgent and important matters. It is a part of a stream of feminist poetry for girls, which... Continue Reading →

The Glass Magician

Review: Thalia is a stage magician with her show as Lady of The Lake. When her livelihood is threatened she will start a cascade of events which will eventually allow her to learn her true self and her true powers. There was a lot in this novel. Besides Thalia being a stage magician and pretty... Continue Reading →

If Only I Had A Heart

Review: This was so cute! I enjoyed it a lot!Canto is a small clockwork slave, who is not even supposed to have a name, let alone friends. When one of these is mortally wounded he embarks on an adventure to find replacement parts, but will also learn more about himself and the world in the... Continue Reading →

The Eyre Affair

Review: The Eyre Affair came up during discussion in book club when we were reading Rebecca (which is similar to Jane Eyre, which is in the title of this book. It was promoted as being a book about a literary police force tasked with keeping the stories of the books we know as they have... Continue Reading →

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