Priestess Of The White

Review: I was browsing through my eReader the other day and there are so many authors that I would like to try at least one book of. Everyone will be familiar with the saying So many book, so little time, so obviously, this is a project that will take ages but brought me to Trudi... Continue Reading →

Book Love

Review: How could I not request a book called Book Love on Netgalley? Besides, I previously enjoyed Quiet Girl in a Noisy World, so I really wanted to read this. If you like books, you will probably love this book. It is filled with cute little comics about the love of books and the type... Continue Reading →

Quiet Girl in a Noisy World

Review: This was very relatable! Many comics described exactly how I have been feeling when for example, the phone or doorbell rings. These collections tend to get a bit too much of the same after I while but this did not bother me with Quiet Girl in a Noisy World. The drawings were very cute... Continue Reading →

Seven Hanged

Review: Seven Hanged was exactly why I like the Little Black Classics! I had never even heard of the author, and the subject of the book was so dark (the final weeks/days of seven people condemned to death) but I really liked it. Russian books always have this kind of depressing atmosphere, and Seven Hanged... Continue Reading →

Blood of Elves

Review: I always read a lot of books at the same time. Still, I am not used to reading series back to back. Usually there are quite some other books that creep in between. It is rather rare that I am so engrossed in a series I read them all one after the other. I... Continue Reading →

The Golden Cage

Review: No, just no. I was really excited I could read The Golden Cage through Pigeonhole. I have been a big fan of the Fjallbacka series for years (though admittedly, the last book is still waiting for me to read it). So, I was expecting a great read during these COVID-19 times, but I was... Continue Reading →

Blinded By The Lights

Review: I have a strong feeling this book was not for me. I am always looking forward to books that take place outside of the beaten tracks (like US/UK/Sweden), so I was interested to see Warsaw for a change. Unfortunately, I hardly felt like the setting added anything new to the story. This could have... Continue Reading →


Review: What I like about the Little Black Classics is that you are reading so many different authors, including ones that you had never heard of before encountering them in this series. Aphra Behn was one of those, and to be honest, reading about her was the most interesting part of this classic for me.... Continue Reading →


Review: This is one of the few occasions where I think that I liked the screen adaptation better than the book itself. I have to admit I saw the Netflix series first, which sort of spoiled all the plot-twists in there, but I also found Joe's voice in this one more annoying. Sure, in the... Continue Reading →


Review: Until the recent Little Women movie, I have to admit I was rather unaware of the book. I knew it existed, but as one of the many classics I vaguely recognize the title of. I was completely unaware that this little book, which had been lingering on my shelves for some time, contained fragments... Continue Reading →

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