The Dare

GoodReads ★★★ I'm usually not a big fan of novellas because there is just not enough room in there for story/character development. But this one was by John Boyne, so I just had to had it. (If I could make one little note on the enormously big printed price on the cover. The bookshops in... Continue Reading →

Next of Kin

GoodReads ★★★★ This book again is completely different from the other books by John Boyne I've read. It's a subtle crime novel as well as an intrigue novel. I think this to be one of his best books. It was just so engrossing, I couldn't stop reading.London, 1936 That's a great start!Owen Montignac has a... Continue Reading →

The Congress of Rough Riders

GoodReads ★★★ I'm a big fan of John Boyne, and this was one of the last books I hadn't read yet. So, I didn't mind the fact I really don't like cowboys and just started reading.Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed cause it turned out that I minded the cowboys after all. It was not... Continue Reading →

Whispers Under Ground

GoodReads ★★★★ In Peter Grant's third adventure, the ethnically challenged wizard-apprentice detective constable is quite literally driven to the dark depths of London as he is trying to solve the murder on the son of an American senator which may involve some weird shit (e.g. Magic)...I'm not too familiar with Urban Fantasy, but from what... Continue Reading →

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