The Sea Raiders

GoodReads ★★★ A Slip Under The Microscope - another Little Black Classics, was still the only work of H.G. Wells I have read so far. Maybe, I should have read more, considering that I like science fiction a lot. The three stories that were included in the Sea Raiders, with deep-sea creatures taking it out... Continue Reading →

The World is Full of Foolish Men

GoodReads ★★ A collection of moralistic fables from the french author Jean de La Fontaine, which didn't really work for me. I thought the moralistic part of it was a bit too obvious and I prefer it to be a little bit more subtle. I was also not familiar with these (as I have been... Continue Reading →

Lady Susan

GoodReads ★★★★ For my Austen I read Pride and Prejudice in school because I had to, and it has left a bad taste, so I never returned to Austen - even though I know everyone loves the books. I wasn't really looking forward to Lady Susan, but I was actually very pleasantly surprised by this... Continue Reading →

Speaking of Siva

GoodReads ★★ I am sure that a lot was lost here in translation, and on top of that the poetry was very religious in theme. This is something I never really like in the first place, but it also became slightly boring even in this short collection of poems.I think this was not for me.... Continue Reading →

The Madness of Cambyses

GoodReads ★★★★ History has had its shares of crazy kings/rulers, and the Persian king Cambyses most certainly was one of them. Herodotus was a large part of our end-work for Greek in school, so I read quite some of his histories, but in Greek, before. The Madness of Cambyses is not as famous as for... Continue Reading →

Come Close

GoodReads ★★★ It's me and poetry again. I was quite looking forward to Sappho. While I hadn't read any of her poetry before, I was curious since it was a name I had heard a lot. Also, it is so rare that it has survived so long and that it was passed down through time... Continue Reading →

The Fall of Icarus

GoodReads ★★★★ I liked the myths that were included in this collection - much more than just the Fall of Icarus. The particular edition however is rather random as the stories follow each other, which made me wonder exactly who this collection was aiming for as an audience? It might confuse people who hear the... Continue Reading →

Miss Brill

GoodReads ★★★ A woman sits in a park listening to the conversations of passersby and imagining the rest of their lives, all the while feeling better than them and looking down on them. A pure form of loneliness, and even worse, she doesn't realize that the other people consider her the strange woman who talks... Continue Reading →

Il Duro

GoodReads ★★ Il Duro was my introduction to D.H. Lawrence but I am not sure it was the best place to start. It contains writings from his travels in Italy and I think travel writing is something on its own that not everyone will enjoy. For me it was lukewarm, the writing was okay but... Continue Reading →

Circe and the Cyclops

GoodReads ★★★★ I think it is great that stories like the Odyssey have survived for this long and are still so well known. The pieces about the Cyclops and Circe are among the best known parts I think. I read these in class but it was a couple of years ago, so it nice to... Continue Reading →

I Love and I Hate

GoodReads ★★ We didn't read this in school, so it was the first of Catullus that I read. It's another poetry collection. The title sums up quite well the problems that Catullus faces with the woman he loves, since it is clear that love and hate are not so different after all. While the poems... Continue Reading →

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