Stay Where You Are and Then Leave

GoodReads ★★★★★ I was very excited to read this book as I'm a great fan of John Boyne's books! I just loved the title, and had high expectations for the rest of the novel. It didn't disappoint! The story centers around Alfie during the First World War in London. One day when shoeshining near Kings... Continue Reading →

The Inugami Curse

GoodReads ★★★★ I had not heard of Seishi Yokomizo before, although he is a famous Japanese mystery writer. The Inugami Curse had all the features you have come to expect from mystery novels from that particular era.There is a rich but strange family, the patriarch recently deceased. Upon reading of the will, family members start... Continue Reading →

The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

GoodReads ★★★ I was looking for some light escapism to read over the weekend - I have been feeling slightly reading slump-ish and I wanted to reverse it as soon as possible. Than I saw The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life popping up all over my feed, and remembering that I still had an ARC... Continue Reading →

The Three-Body Problem

GoodReads ★★★★ A three-body system is chaotic, unpredictable and the tiniest of perturbations can cause massive effects...When I first saw The Three-Body Problem I was immediately intrigued, not just by the synopsis but also Chinese SF. I haven't really read anything like it. It sounded interesting and I wanted to try it.I'm so glad I... Continue Reading →

Wow, No Thank You.

GoodReads ★★ I am new to reading essays. But everyone around me was reading essays, and completely in line with the essays in this book, I felt like I should try it. You can't have the opinion before you gave it a try. And this one had a cute rabbit on the cover.It being my... Continue Reading →

Breath from Salt

(Scroll down to see some science at work) As a PhD researcher working on Cystic Fibrosis I immediately knew I had to get this ARC and read Breath from Salt, which will be published tomorrow on September 8, the 31st anniversary of the publication of the CFTR gene


GoodReads ★★★★ I only found out that Sarah Andersen was publishing another book next month recently. It was on Netgalley, so I immediately dropped everything and set to reading it. I don't follow the social media too much so most of the comics from Fangs were new to me.Fangs offers what you've come to expect.... Continue Reading →

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

GoodReads ★★★ Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet. A cake filled with magic, it sounded like a recipe for success (pun definitely intended).Maire is a baker with a troublesome past (in the sense that she can't remember it). Her cakes are magical - literally so - as they can convey feelings to the eater. I guess more... Continue Reading →

Herding Cats

GoodReads ★★★ Herding Cats is Sarah Andersen's third volume of Sarah's Scribbles, a collection of webcomics. I enjoyed reading the first two a lot so I was looking forward to this one a lot.The comics are still nice, but I felt that maybe they were getting a little bit repetitive at this point. While relatable,... Continue Reading →

The Plastic Magician

GoodReads ★★★ Polymaking, the magic that deals with plastic, is still a relatively new field in The Plastic Magician. Alvie arrives for her apprenticeship and with the help of some convenient meetings, she soon has impressed her teacher and is working on a spectacular groundbreaking technology.It has been a while since I read the original... Continue Reading →

Strange Skies over East Berlin

GoodReads ★★★ East Berlin, the 1970s. A place so crowded with spies of all sorts that people wonder when was the last time they told the truth. It is the setting of this new supernatural thriller, which aims to make us pause and ponder on some important moral questions.The main character is an American spy... Continue Reading →

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