Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

GoodReads ★★★ Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet. A cake filled with magic, it sounded like a recipe for success (pun definitely intended).Maire is a baker with a troublesome past (in the sense that she can't remember it). Her cakes are magical - literally so - as they can convey feelings to the eater. I guess more... Continue Reading →

The Plastic Magician

GoodReads ★★★ Polymaking, the magic that deals with plastic, is still a relatively new field in The Plastic Magician. Alvie arrives for her apprenticeship and with the help of some convenient meetings, she soon has impressed her teacher and is working on a spectacular groundbreaking technology.It has been a while since I read the original... Continue Reading →

The Master Magician

GoodReads ★★★ This series started of really nice with the Paper Magician, but in this third book, The Master Magician, Ceony seriously started to annoy me. Her tricks maybe weren't exactly new - rushing into danger and just hoping that everything will work out in the end just to name something - but I would... Continue Reading →

The Glass Magician

GoodReads ★★★ I recently read and reviewed the first book in The Paper Magician Trilogy, The Paper Magician and it was such a nice snack book for me that I immediately started reading the next book, The Glass Magician. It starts a few months after the first book, so we miss Ceony getting a big... Continue Reading →

The Paper Magician

GoodReads ★★★★ After graduating Tagis Praff School for the Magically Inclined top of her class and in one year, Ceony can already feel her apprenticeship for Smelter, one who enchants metal. But fate takes her a different road and she starts her apprenticeship to become a Folder and enchant paper. Though this sounds less cool,... Continue Reading →

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