Stay Where You Are and Then Leave

GoodReads ★★★★★ I was very excited to read this book as I'm a great fan of John Boyne's books! I just loved the title, and had high expectations for the rest of the novel. It didn't disappoint! The story centers around Alfie during the First World War in London. One day when shoeshining near Kings... Continue Reading →

Christmas Present

GoodReads ★★★★ #TimeTravelTuesday While I've enjoyed all short stories up to this one, they were nice additions but in order to follow the story of the main series, they weren't necessary. Now however, with Christmas Present (another Christmas short story) I would say this is the case, as the events from this short story have... Continue Reading →

A Trail Through Time

GoodReads ★★★★ #TimeTravelTuesday A Trail Through Time starts off right where A Second Chance ended and basically this is the moment where the aforementioned second chance really comes into play. Leon and Max are on the run and hunted through time and space (though maybe just through time). As they jump up and down the... Continue Reading →

The Crying of Lot 49

GoodReads ★★ It's been some time since I've hated a book with a passion like I did The Crying of Lot 49. Warning: some ramblings ahead.It was a book club read and I wanted to start this about two weeks before the book club, because I wanted the book to be still fresh in my... Continue Reading →

Roman Holiday

GoodReads ★★★★ #TimeTravelTuesday Another short to accompany the main St Mary’s series. While it’s perfectly possibly to follow the series without reading the short stories, I would certainly recommend them as it provides you with some extra adventures and postpones the inevitable moment where you’ll have to return to the normal, non-time traveling world.Expect everything... Continue Reading →

A Second Chance

GoodReads ★★★★ #TimeTravelTuesday Returning to St Mary’s already feels like a long awaited return home, even as I’m bingereading my way through the series. I’ve seldom had so much fun just with the characters as they really are what make the series stand out. And normally, I’m really not much of a bingereader myself (don’t... Continue Reading →

Dorothy Must Die

GoodReads ★★ A small disclaimer at the start: I am not that familiar with the original Oz stories. I have learned some snippets from the recent movie about Judy Garland and -strangely- You and saw the musical The Wiz during lockdown but I am in no position to catch all the references in this work,... Continue Reading →


GoodReads ★★★★ Redshirts was right up my alley. I want to put the spotlights to the side characters, like in Patrick Ness' The Rest of Us Just Live Here, and the side characters are usually preferred over the mains in almost any series I read/watch. Why didn't I read Redshirts earlier in that case?Well, I... Continue Reading →

The Muse of History

GoodReads ★★★★ #TimeTravelTuesday This short story from The Chronicles of St Mary's is one of the few good things to come out of the quarantine. You can read it for free at Jodi Taylor's blog (click here). It was very short but with all the humor and spirit that I really enjoy in the series.... Continue Reading →

The Girl With All the Gifts

GoodReads ★★★★ During the corona lockdown there are two types of readers. Those who want to indulge in end of the world stories (possibly caused by some sort of pathogen) and those who want to stay away from them as far as possible.Me, I don't mind reading them even now. Still, it was mainly because... Continue Reading →

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