How To Be a Woman

GoodReads ★★ Sometimes there is books you didn't think you would read. But then you join a book club and their selection is How to Be a Woman. To be honest, it was sort of hate at first sight (the first thing I learned about it was that there was much talk of pubic hair),... Continue Reading →

Wow, No Thank You.

GoodReads ★★ I am new to reading essays. But everyone around me was reading essays, and completely in line with the essays in this book, I felt like I should try it. You can't have the opinion before you gave it a try. And this one had a cute rabbit on the cover.It being my... Continue Reading →

We Should All Be Feminists

GoodReads ★★★★★ We Should All Be Feminists is one of the most powerful essays I've ever read, both in style and in subject. In just about 50 pages it perfectly captures why there is still such a need but does so without pointing fingers and by offering solutions instead.There's everyday examples which very well prove... Continue Reading →

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