Dead Wicked

GoodReads ★★ 2nd read for the #ReverseReadathonSo, it is only three days since finishing Dead Wicked during the Readathon and I have finally some time to write down my thoughts. However, I found I had to strain myself recalling who the bad guy was and why. I think that sort of sums up rather how... Continue Reading →

Call Me By Your Name

GoodReads ★★★★ 3rd read for the #ReverseReadathonI saw the movie first - as a part of watching all the Best Movie nominees I was ticking boxes and one of them was Call Me By Your Name. I remember I wasn't particularly looking forward to it, since romantic movies are not one my favorite genres. However,... Continue Reading →

Gideon the Ninth

GoodReads ★★★★ First read in the #ReverseReadathon How would I even start talking about Gideon the Ninth? I had come across it so many times on all the bookish channels, that I was seriously hyped for it. Then, it was in Amazon sale for only 2$ and there was not a bone in my body... Continue Reading →

Halfway Mark #ReverseReadathon

A quick update from my side. Yes, I was perfectly asleep at the start of the readathon - thankfully. I woke up near the end of the fourth hour, and started reading Gideon the Ninth first. I still had about 4h left in the book, and finished it (how typical) in the Ninth hour of... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Go #ReverseReadathon

This post will go live at 2 AM when the read-a-thon starts - so I really hope I will be sleeping at that time (rather than lying awake bathing in sweat - it is really hot today). However, I already wanted to post my selected TBR reads and plans for the read-a-thon, so that when... Continue Reading →

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