How To…

GoodReads ★★★★ How to ... Read This Review?Traditionally one would open the website or perhaps the app and simply read the review I am about to write. But what if you prefer something more unconventional, or maybe you have been staring at screens more than enough lately, but would still like to know what it... Continue Reading →

Invisible Women

GoodReads ★★★★ When I was visiting London just before the lockdown, Invisible Women was everywhere! Of course, I had to bring it home.As a scientist, I was extremely pleased with all the research that went into Invisible Women. It is immediately clear that this is very well researched and that Caroline Criado Perez's claims on... Continue Reading →

Breath from Salt

(Scroll down to see some science at work) As a PhD researcher working on Cystic Fibrosis I immediately knew I had to get this ARC and read Breath from Salt, which will be published tomorrow on September 8, the 31st anniversary of the publication of the CFTR gene

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