GoodReads ★★★★ Redshirts was right up my alley. I want to put the spotlights to the side characters, like in Patrick Ness' The Rest of Us Just Live Here, and the side characters are usually preferred over the mains in almost any series I read/watch. Why didn't I read Redshirts earlier in that case?Well, I... Continue Reading →

Riot Baby

GoodReads ★★★★ I first came across Riot Baby last year when it was all over my feed. Somehow I still missed out on what it actually was about. Fast forward to this week, when it was the Ebook club selection, and despite it not being on my weekly TBR for #BoutofBooks, I decided to... Continue Reading →

Silver in the Wood

GoodReads ★★★★ Short review: Too short!I think this could have worked as a full length novel, with a little bit more time to expand on certain parts of the stories. Now, the flow at some points was a little bit odd - but maybe it would all make total sense if I were 400 years... Continue Reading →

The Traitor Baru Cormorant

GoodReads ★★★★ I have such mixed feelings about The Traitor Baru Cormorant that I will just try to sort of paint the image to you… It started really good, with the expanding empire of the Masquerade arriving in Baru's home and setting them and their traditions away as unhygienic savages that need to be cleansed.... Continue Reading →

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