WWW Wednesday #7

My week has not been great so far. I am currently at home in quarantine awaiting the results of a COVID test from one of my close contacts. If they test positive I will have to do the full quarantine and get myself tested as well. Besides, they are sort of literally breaking the apartment... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday #6

I have holidays this week, so I have all the time to relax. I spend my time reading books, watching movies on Netflix, finally playing some games on the PS4 that I got at the beginning of the lockdown, and - if the weather allows - some walks. I feel my stress levels are gradually... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday #5

This weekend, I was pretty optimistic. I managed to finish three books on a single day - one of which was for book club, which I finished a healthy two hours before it started. However, after Saturday, I am once again feeling rather overwhelmed with books and work, and I feel constantly stressed because of... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday #4

I feel like I start these posts every week with the same message. It's been a very busy week and I didn't get much reading done. These words also perfectly described last week. The last couple of days were particularly busy, with very long hours. Besides I think I might have to admit to myself... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday #3

Reading is still slow. Last week I said I was hoping to do nothing in the long weekend, but it was not to be. My television was delivered and I spent the Saturday installing and playing with it. The I had sort of forgotten the online conference that I was taking part in, so I... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday #2

It's 10.30 PM already, and I am finally done working for the day - so this will be a rather short update. It's still very busy out here, so not that much time for reading. I hope to spend the long weekend doing absolutely nothing though! WWW Wednesday is a bookish meme which is currently... Continue Reading →

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