The Summer Marked


Summer Marked - Rebekah L. Purdy

Only now that I reread my review for the first book The Winter People did I remember that I disliked the first book. Apparently the book has grown on me over the last year since I requested the second book anyway. And I’m not disappointed I did.


Salome has agreed to go to Faerie, where there is a war between Summer and Winter ongoing and it soon becomes clear she’ll have to make personal sacrifices to help overcome Winter.


This time told in dual POV of both Salome and her friend Kadie, some parts were indeed quite interesting. At least for a while. Surprisingly, this was mostly Kadies part of the story that really seemed to add something and had me waiting for what was going to happen. Although there didn’t seem to be that much development in her character (as in for example she still seemed as shocked/surprised to whatever happens as in the beginning) it was better than with Salome. Salome is awesome, and so she’s told about every page. She brings life, quite literally, and is a complete special snowflake. Besides some bitching over her, the romance part was a little less than in the first book, but replaced with Salome feeling bad for herself as the Faeries don’t like her because she’s a human. (She also keeps being surprised by this fact and is incredibly naive at times).


All in all the story was more interesting than last time. I liked that it was taking place in Faerie but Salome especially still was an annoying character. However, now I’ve read these two books I’ll have to know how it’s going to end.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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