It’s time for … Halloween Bingo!

Yeah! I am really excited because today starts the Halloween Bingo! We were playing this for the last couple of years over on BL, and I am just so glad that it could be salvaged from the ruins of the site. Many thanks to Christine, Obsidian and Char for organizing this! We are playing over... Continue Reading →

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It was snowing butterflies

GoodReads ★★★★ I have never read On the Origin of Species. However, I was glad that some of Darwin's writing had made the Little Black Classics. These are a part of his notes that he took while on Beagle trying to prove the evolution theory. As such it provides not only biology, but also remarks... Continue Reading →

Riot Baby

GoodReads ★★★★ I first came across Riot Baby last year when it was all over my feed. Somehow I still missed out on what it actually was about. Fast forward to this week, when it was the Ebook club selection, and despite it not being on my weekly TBR for #BoutofBooks, I decided to... Continue Reading →

A Pair of Silk Stockings

GoodReads ★★★★ I had not heard of Kate Chopin before I started reading this. A Pair of Silk Stockings contains five short stories and overall it was a really nice read. That's what I have been reading these little books for, finding new-to-me authors. In the title story, a woman has 15 dollars to spend... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday #4

I feel like I start these posts every week with the same message. It's been a very busy week and I didn't get much reading done. These words also perfectly described last week. The last couple of days were particularly busy, with very long hours. Besides I think I might have to admit to myself... Continue Reading →

The Congress of Rough Riders

GoodReads ★★★ I'm a big fan of John Boyne, and this was one of the last books I hadn't read yet. So, I didn't mind the fact I really don't like cowboys and just started reading.Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed cause it turned out that I minded the cowboys after all. It was not... Continue Reading →

When A Child Is Born

GoodReads ★★★★ #TimeTravelTuesday When A Child Is Born takes place on Christmas (though it is not that child that is born). Max and her team end up being sidetracked while they are hiking towards William I's coronation. It's short and sweet and it fits perfectly in the holiday season.While I enjoyed it thoroughly, all 20... Continue Reading →

The Night is Darkening Round Me

GoodReads ★★★ My first venture into the works of the Brontë sisters contains poems by Emily, although it says that one of the poems included is now rather assigned to Charlotte. These poems are very dark. Death is the one recurring theme. As such it feels very 19th Century, but it didn't make for very... Continue Reading →

Lips Too Chilled

GoodReads ★★★ Poetry has always been somewhat of a hit or miss with me. Lips Too Chilled collects Haiku, and I am not really experienced reading them. So, maybe that is why I quite liked these, some were very nice in their short simplicity. I am usually not one for the very strict formats that... Continue Reading →

Djinn City

GoodReads ★★★★ The Gurkha and the Lord of Tuesday (find the review here) was my first book this year and it was such a nice surprise. After I finished it, I wanted to get Djinn City, since it was also set in the same world with the Djinn, although a millennium earlier. It was quest... Continue Reading →

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