Staturday #2

Stats on Saturday! Those of you who know me a little bit, know that I can’t resist taking some stats while I am reading or collecting my books. So, prepare for some (more or less) useless reading stats! It’s not just so I can show off my spreadsheets with bookish data, but it helps =)

Quick Breakdown

Finished books: 5
(cumulative 2022: 11)

Read pages: 1354
(cumulative 2022: 3187)

Started books: 4 + 1 special book
(cumulative 2022: 9)

Books acquired: 7
(cumulative 2022: 11)

Library haul: 13
(cumulative 2022: 13)

Currently reading: 7

Finished books

  1. The Girl with a Pearl in her Nose – Jodi Taylor (Chronicles of St. Mary’s #11.2)
  2. Aurora Rising – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (Aurora Cycle #1) (ROOT)
  3. Arsène Lupin: Gentleman thief – Maurice LeBlanc (Arsène Lupin #1) (ROOT)
  4. The Space Between Worlds – Micaiah Johnson (ARC) (ROOT)
  5. The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman (Thursday Murder Club #1) (ROOT)

Reading challenge: 11/81

ROOT challenge: 9/50

So far, reading wise it has been a great year. I kept the pace high, from the end of year sprint and I have done something which may or may not turn out to be a devastating thing for the TBR. I joined the library. We’ll see how that turns out!

Pages progress

Pages challenge: 3187/36.000

Includes pages read in book still reading
Includes only finished books

Despite having probably read the shortest “book” of the year, a very short story from Jodi Taylor, which can be read on the author’s blog, my average pages per book still went up compared to last week. On average, there was less time to read, as my Japanese class has started again, and I went to see the new Spider-man movie (totally worth it!).

Books started

So, currently, I am working with a random number generator to determine which books to read. This week, it allowed me to start 4 books.

  1. The Girl with a Pearl in her Nose – Jodi Taylor (Chronicles of St. Mary’s #11.2)
  2. Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes – Maurice LeBlanc (Arsène Lupin #2)
  3. Horrorstör – Grady Hendrix
  4. Find Me – André Aciman (Call Me By Your Name #2)

And, one special book that I don’t really count as reading. Yes, I ordered Cain’s Jawbone – the puzzle murder mystery. I have no hopes of solving it, but I want to give it a try anyway. This article from the Guardian is a nice read about it.

More stats will be added over time =)

What stats would you like to see?

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