Reading is for fun but nothing is better than a couple of challenges to spice things up.
Here you can find my past, present, and future reading challenges and if anything looks good, why not join them?

These pages are currently still under construction

Current Reading Challenges

2020 Reading Challenge
The ultimate reading challenge. 156 books for 2020

-Read More

ROOT Challenge
Read Our Own Tomes, or the continuing struggle against Mt.TBR

Halloween Bingo 2020
The BL tradition returned to life for the spookiest months of the year

Around the World in Eighty Books
The type of travel that is completely COVID19 independent

Upcoming Reading Challenges

Little Mint Classics Project
Penguin published another collection I will have to read.
Start: 2021

2021 Reading Challenge
Same old, Same old

Start: 2021

Finished Reading Challenges

Yearly reading challenges

2019 Reading Challenge
213/208 books
End: 31 Dec 2019

2018 Reading Challenge
207/207 books
End: 31 Dec 2018

2017 Reading Challenge
300/300 books
End: 31 Dec 2017

2016 Reading Challenge
366/250 books
End: 31 Dec 2016

2015 Reading Challenge
300/207 books
End: 31 Dec 2015

2014 Reading Challenge
206/165 books
End: 31 Dec 2014

2013 Reading Challenge
66/63 books
End: 31 Dec 2013

2012 Reading Challenge
60/60 books
End: 31 Dec 2012

Other Challenges

Little Black Classics Project
Making my way through Penguin’s 127 little booklets

-Read More


Dewey’s Reverse Read-A-Thon
24h of reading
(August 2020)

-Read More

Bout-Of-Books #29
A week dedicated to all things bookish
(August 2020)

-Read More

If you have a great idea for a reading challenge I could do,
please tell me about it in the comments.

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