On my blog I talk all things books, and maybe the most important part of that is the reviews. It gives an idea of what I liked or didn’t like, and I personally always like to read other people’s reviews before I read a book or even more during or after reading.

Just some books on my shelf.

Reading as well as reviewing is a highly personal experience, and interpreted differently by everyone. That’s why I penned down some thoughts on how I rate and review book.

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I read books I own and borrow but also ARCs. What are these Advance Reading Copies, what are the implications, and how did I start? Some ramblings on ARCs and Netgalley are collected on a page.

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The good thing about reviews; there are always new ones coming. The unfortunate downside, some of them might get lost. Reviews A-Z collects all reviews published on Url Phantomhive sorted per author.

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