Staturday #3

Stats on Saturday! Those of you who know me a little bit, know that I can’t resist taking some stats while I am reading or collecting my books. So, prepare for some (more or less) useless reading stats! It’s not just so I can show off my spreadsheets with bookish data, but it helps =)

Quick Breakdown

Finished books: 5
(cumulative 2022: 23)

Read pages: 1575
(cumulative 2022: 7018)

Started books: 9
(cumulative 2022: 18)

Books acquired: 4
(cumulative 2022: 30)

Library haul: 1
(cumulative 2022: 17)

Currently reading: 8

Finished books

  1. My Idol sits the Next Desk Over! – Hiromasa Togami & Atsunori Horiuchi (ARC)
  2. Find Me – Andre Aciman (Call Me By Your Name #2)
  3. Voyage of the Basilisk – Marie Brennan (Memoirs of Lady Trent #3)
  4. Malibu Rising – Taylor Jenkins Reid
  5. A Ladder to the Sky – John Boyne

Reading challenge: 23/81

ROOT challenge: 13/50

Pages challenge: 7018/36.000

This week, for some reason, I ended up mostly reading contemporary fiction, but nothing really stood out for me. It’s one of those weeks. Let’s see what next week will bring!

More stats will be added over time =)

What stats would you like to see?

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