Goodreads Monday #5

It has been another crazy week! Luckily, I was able to leave quarantine of Thursday, but with the new Corona rules I still can basically just go to work - at least I can go outside again. Work is also very busy, and my concentration is only slowly returning. Construction work is still ongoing, at... Continue Reading →


GoodReads ★ This was utter nonsense!I guess the title should have given fair warning, but I was still surprised at it. Maybe I was missing a lot, but I could not get anything out of these poems and was just hoping the book would finish quickly.Really not my cup of tea. Nonsense (Little Black Classics... Continue Reading →

The Withered Arm

GoodReads ★★★★ The Withered Arm was a nice addition to the Little Black Classics collection. It has a bit of that late 19th Century feel to it with a story of a new bride who gets cursed through one of her dreams. It was an interesting story.The only thing I had previously read by Thomas... Continue Reading →

A terrible beauty is born

GoodReads ★★ I was looking forward to reading this collection of Yeats' poems. I hadn't read anything before, but had of course heard of him. However, I found I was a little bit disappointed, especially by his love-poems. They seemed rather simple to me and either way didn't resonate with me. His poems concerning the... Continue Reading →

The Nun of Murano

GoodReads ★★★ I was unsure what to expect from this one. Okay, I knew exactly what I was expecting from Casanova, but this was also coming from the 18th Century and as such I still found it more explicit than I would have thought. Part of the larger collection of his escapades this focuses on... Continue Reading →

Quick Update

Just a very quick note to say that the second COVID test I had earlier this week also came back negative, so I've left quarantine today! It was great to be outside again, and also be away from the construction works for a bit. Hopefully my concentration will also return soon! Thanks for all your... Continue Reading →


GoodReads ★★★ It has been a while since I read something by Joseph Conrad - in all honesty I only ever read the other Little Black Classics Tomorrow - but I liked that one so I was looking forward to Typhoon. A storm at see, terrible odds, what was not to like?And this was nice,... Continue Reading →


GoodReads ★★★★ I'm a great fan of John Boyne's books. I started of course with The boy in the striped pyjamas, but have since read almost all his books. There are very few authors whose books I look forward to as much as I do with his.This book is set in 1910 (and the years... Continue Reading →

How To Be a Medieval Woman

GoodReads ★★ How To Be a Medieval Woman was like the polar opposite to last week's Little Black Classic: The Suffragettes, and it was a terrible read.Maybe if the main character was not called 'said creature' the entire time, THIS creature would have somewhat enjoyed reading it. This was what put me off right from... Continue Reading →

A Trail Through Time

GoodReads ★★★★ #TimeTravelTuesday A Trail Through Time starts off right where A Second Chance ended and basically this is the moment where the aforementioned second chance really comes into play. Leon and Max are on the run and hunted through time and space (though maybe just through time). As they jump up and down the... Continue Reading →

The Suffragettes

GoodReads ★★★★ This year I plan to read one of these Little Black Classics a week, so that I will finish them (currently at #94 of 127) and can start with the Little Mint Classics (the Modern classics). The Suffragettes was first on the list, and while it would have been a perfect read for... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Monday #4

First things first! The COVID test came back today and it was negative! 🎉 Such a relief. My friend is also doing much better. However, I have a bit of a cough and I am waiting for the GP to confirm I am ready to leave quarantine now. Apparently I was looking for a little... Continue Reading →

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