And The Rest Is History

Rating: 3 out of 5.


It was more than a 3-star read but something I really didn’t like so I’m knocking some stars off to show how I felt.

Spoilers below where I explain why I had to knock stars off.

Okay, so I’m a big fan of the series. I think I’ve been really clear about that, and I’m talking rather a lot about it to my friends as well so naturally I was really looking forward to And The Rest Is History, which had sort of an ominous name (and with the short stories being collected it sounded like the final book). Consider everything that has been going on, and I was ready to make that last visit to St. Mary’s.

This book was darker, more serious and less history and chaos than usual, but I was liking it anyway, until she did it again! I forgave her once for the stupid let them think he’s dead cliché and then magically switching to a parallel universe so all’s well that ends well, but also said/thought at that point that I would be seriously pissed off if she would pull that trick again. Which she did, not with another parallel world maybe, but it is rather close.

Which is why I had to deduct some stars (just writing it down makes me angry again). So a warning and a plea, please don’t do this again!

And The Rest Is History (The Chronicles of St Marys #8)Jodi Taylor

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