Plan For The Worst

Rating: 3 out of 5.


Those of you who have been following my reviews for a while know that I have always been looking forward to the next book in the St. Mary’s series. Their time travel – ehm, investigation of major historical events in contemporary time – is always so much fun.

However, this book I was not so much feeling it. I started reading shortly after it was published and I had to push myself to get into the story and enjoy it (which was a strange sensation). I think what I was mainly missing was that the parts that I used to enjoy the most, the historical assignments and the prepping for those, is reduced to a minimum in these last few books. That’s why I was very glad the Crete assignment was coming up, and that part I actually really enjoyed.

But, it is also about Ronan. Again. I have had some trouble trying to figure out how everything with his story line was connected and if it were possible at all. Also, there were characters who made some decisions that went right against their normal behaviors, all working towards a major shocking reveal (which I saw coming). I haven’t really figured out what to think of it yet.

For me, this felt sort of like a closing chapter, with some of the most long-running mysteries finally solved, but I just found out another book is planned next year. Still curious to see where it is going…

Plan For The Worst (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #11)Jodi Taylor

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