Awakening: Episode 1-4


The 'Naturals: Awakening [Episodes 1-4 -- Season 1] - Robin Parrish, Melody Carlson, Aaron M. Patterson, K.C. Neal

Season 1 of The ‘Naturals.


Some kids find out they have super powers. I think.


It’s really hard to say anything really about these first four episodes. It’s so short. It’s four different main characters, written by four different authors. Which means that every story that I read, all these individual episodes are nothing more than set-ups for what I expect is going to happen in the rest of the ‘season’. 


Thing is though, because it’s so short (and it’s already a collection of FOUR episodes) I couldn’t really make my mind up about it. Do I like it? How can I tell, it’s too short for me to base my opinion on any reason really. The fact that all the storylines are written by different authors makes that I can’t really say anything about the writing either. 


It was not a bad start, but to soon to say whether or not I would like it. I would not sell or buy these four episodes without the rest because this alone will not make you feel like you’ve read something. 


Awakening is the first season of The ‘Naturals. The second season, Evolution, has just started.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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