Crawl - Edward Lorn

While creepy in its own account, I do not consider this short story to be one of my favourites by Edward Lorn.


In the ruins of their marriage Colton drives Juliet to her mother. But as they thought their luck was already running low, it might be time to think again. For soon Juliet finds herself nailed to a post and the only thing she can do to save herself is crawl.


The first part was really good. Anticipation was there all along and I was really waiting for something to happen. It could have lasted longer, as the tension was rising. I think the story would have worked better as a longer story. Because also the second part, the real horror felt a bit rushed and the ending too open for my liking. As this is usually the case with short stories, I blame it on the format.


I think I got this novella for free some time ago, but I really can’t remember the details.

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