The Vampire Circus


The Vampire Circus (Vampires of Paris Book 1) - Rod Kierkegaard Jr

Originally, this was going to be a November blog tour, but in the end I was just asked to review it somewhere at the end of the month. Which in the end is a good thing, because I hate to write negative reviews during a blog tour.


Focussing on many different arcs and characters, this apparently is the story of some Parisian vampires, and a man who holds a (reasonable) grudge against them. Unfortunately though, this isn’t the story that is told in this book.


The blurb claims that this man goes on revenge, but after an entire book he hasn’t even made it to Europe, let alone gotten (even a little bit of) his revenge. Instead there has been a lot of scenes I thought weren’t that interesting. Besides what I suppose is to be the main arc, only that one of the vampire hunter was kind of interesting. I for some reason expected it to be a young adult novel, but it certainly isn’t. Another thing that bothered me was the ending. Or the lack of an ending. I’m aware this is a serial novel, but this is also a collected work, and since this is called Book 1 of the Vampires of Paris I expect some kind, any kind really, of ending. I’m left after this book feeling as if it was stopped right at the middle and nothing has happened yet.


I don’t think I will continue reading this series.


The Vampire Circus is the first book of The Vampires of Paris.


Thanks to the publisher for proving me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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