Havelock – The Final Part


Havelock: One - Jane D. Everly

I read the first two parts earlier this year and found it a very interesting book. I really enjoyed Eliana’s sarcastic point of view and the story was quite nice as well. Naturally, I wanted to know how it would end.


I can’t tell to much about where the story stands at this point because it would spoil the previous parts, but the whole story is now available in one book, so I would suggest you just read it as a book rather than the individual episodes.


It might be because I read this one in parts that the beginning of this last part (+/- second half of the book) felt so different from the previous ones. I was thinking, ‘did I really like this that much?’ and ‘was this also like this before?’. However, after a somewhat bumpy start the story was quite interesting once again and I enjoyed reading it a lot more. In the end I still didn’t think it was as good as I had anticipated based on Havelock: One but enjoyable nevertheless. A nice spy thriller.


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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