The Deathsniffer’s Assistant


The Deathsniffer's Assistant - Kate McIntyre

The Deathsniffer’s Assistant brings you a good, old crime to solve in an alternate magical 19th Century England setting. Chris, as a Wordweaver (someone who can put down words very fast, and is looked down upon by everyone), can’t find a job to support his little sister except with the eccentric Deathsniffer Faraday. 


I say eccentric, but basically she is a jerk. And while there are certainly characters you love to hate, she isn’t one of them. At times she seems unpleasant just for the sake of it, and I felt sorry for Chris and the other characters that they have to deal with her on a regular base. At least I can close the book and be done with it.


The world was truly fascinating though. There are magical creatures that are used to power machines, light lights and everything. Those are kept working by the socalled Spiritbinders, of which Chris’ sister is secretly one. Everyone is assigned a talent and those decide the rest of their lives, but basically what work they’ll do. Chris fears his sister might be used in all kinds of political games because her powers are so strong. And he is not wrong either. Unfortunately, Rosemary is extremely stupid and only causes a lot of problems.


The mystery itself wasn’t that spectacular but made for a nice read. The writing was very good but it was the world that really made me enjoy the book and look forward to the next book (despite Faraday).


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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