The Rest Of Us Just Live Here


The Rest of Us Just Live Here - Patrick Ness

I could fill pages explaining why I think the idea for this novel is one of the most awesome seen in the last couple of years. A book with the end of the world going on and for once the main character is not the chosen one or particularly special in any other way. I myself have been walking around with a similar idea for a book, so while I was a bit afraid at first ‘my’ idea had been used already it turned out to be a completely different kind of story altogether.


However, definitely five stars for the idea. This combined with the fact it was written by Patrick Ness, author of the The Chaos Walking Trilogy (The Knife of Never Letting GoThe Ask and the Answer & Monsters of Menand prequel The New World) which is one of the best YA Dystopian Trilogies in my humble opinion, made that I was very confident it was going to be a great read.


At most levels I was not disappointed! I liked how the superhero plot played on the background (the characters mention it sometimes and there is a short summary at the beginning of each chapter. The writing, as expected, was very good. But the ‘real’ story of the book was a YA contemporary story and those are not really my cup of tea. Although it certainly wasn’t bad, there were times I was thinking ‘the superhero plot sounds much more interesting than the prom’ and that was of course just not what the book was about. It didn’t matter too much though since I had a great time reading it, and it reminded me that I should really be reading two of his other books that I already own, A Monster Calls and More Than This.

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