The Short Drop


The Short Drop - Matthew FitzSimmons

Ten years ago the 14-year-old Suzanne went missing. When her best friend is asked to help reinvestigate the case he wants to help but has no idea what it is he is signing up to.


I feel this could have been a better story had it not had all the things crammed into it. I often say that it is better to have something that is nicely detailed and set then have a lot of things which almost fall over each other to grab your attention, because the latter makes that in the end you don’t really care about any one thing that happened or the complete overview. I feel this is what happened here.


It’s not only a case of a missing person. Her father is running for president. There’s this rich old lady that certainly had something to do with it. There are multiple teams trying to catch the kidnappers as well as the hunters. And it is all clandestine. Besides, Gibson Vaughn, the main characters, has some personal battles to fight. It is easy to lose track in this chaos.


At times though it was a really thrilling read, I just didn’t care about some of the others (like the political story line). The ending didn’t really surprise me after all that happened, but the motives for some of the things that happened remain unclear. I can’t be more precise without entering the spoiler zone.


Overall, not an unpleasant book, but it could have been better.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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