February: Read The Books You’re Embarrassed You Haven’t Read Yet

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Well, there are tons of books I’m embarrassed I haven’t read yet. There are loads of classics I would like to read. (Les Miserables is always hoovering but now I’m 60% in so this is the year I’m finishing it once and for all!). There are books people gave me for my birthday ages ago, and I haven’t read them yet. There are the books that have been recommended a trillion times to me and I’ve bought them, but – you might guess it – I haven’t read them yet!


However, even though those are all marvellous candidates for this challenge I’ve decided to read different books: the ARCs I’ve had for such a long time that it is more than a little bit embarrassing. As my 2-year Netgalley Birthday is coming up later this month, I thought I might already mention just how much ‘child in candy store’ I’ve been with Netgalley. I still have some 2014(!) books on my shelf.


I’m trying to better myself though. As I’m now reading in some kind of carousel where I frequently switch between different books and every new books (except the ones that are later parts from series) are immediately started. This is also the reason why I’m currently reading that gigantic amount of books. I hope to reduce the number of new books this way, but January is never a good month for reducing numbers as loads of new books are presented. 


Either way, I will continue to read the books I’ve already started and the new books I’ll get, but I also hope to read some ARCs that have been waiting for way too long. I’ll start one book a day this month.


Some examples of books that have been waiting far too long (and will hopefully will get a chance this month) :



And these Curiosity Quills Press books that I promised I would read soon:




As always, the covers link back to the respective GR page


What are your reading plans for this month?

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