Brilliance - Marcus Sakey

Since 1980 one percent of the population has been born Brilliant (abnorm, twist, etc). Usually by enhanced pattern recognition they have the ability to be brilliant in a certain discipline. As is usual in these kind of stories, the government and the normals grow afraid of these people, trying to indoctrinate them and if that fails, label them terrorists and kill them. It is for this organization that Nick Cooper works. A Brilliant himself, he uses his skills to hunt them down. When his daughter turns out to also be a Brilliant, he will go to great lengths to protect her.


It’s all been done before, I realize that. If you’re looking for an original plot filled with stuff you didn’t see coming, this book probably isn’t going to do it. There’s the government who’s afraid of people who are special. The organization that is not so good as the main character thought at first. The main character himself, who is like almost every other main character in an action packed thriller, a man on a mission. The ‘improbable’ and unnecessary love story. It is all there. 


But why a high rating? I hear you think. That’s because despite everything, I really enjoyed reading it. I didn’t mind the fact that it wasn’t (very) original or that one should not think too long about the plot. And I think that it is worth something when a book can make me forgive and forget these kind of things. Also, I really want to continue the series. However, this is the series where I got approved for the second an third book after the archive date… *sigh* I mailed them and Netgalley, but to no avail. So, I will probably continue, some time (when I find the books somewhere cheap).


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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