May Statistics

May has certainly been an eventful month for me. Not only, but most importantly, because I handed in my thesis and was therefore allowed again to have some spare time in which I could read.


This resulted in a record breaking 45 books* read!


* Books also includes short stories, graphic novel and the like


Nevertheless, I’m more than happy with this number. It also means I’m way ahead of my reading schedule of 250 books again. 141/250 (56%)


Besides I’m trying to lower my TBR (but have been trying unsuccessfully for the last few years) and from a record high 1269 I’m back to 1251 and I’m confident that I will break through the 1250 in June.


After 4 years I’ve finally finished Les Miserables! I’m glad I decided to keep reading but I’ve found the pacing at times was really horrible. Review to follow!


Since I’m still behind on my reviews, reviews of the books read in May will be posted as soon as possible, probably during the next month!


Happy Reading everyone!

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