Summer Book Bingo: Update #2

Two days down, two squares down (excluding the free square). So far so good, I was of course a bit late to the party, but I’m confident I’ll be able to catch up with the rest of you.


Finished squares:

New To You Author: Of Scions and Men – Courtney Sloan


Urban fantasy in which the main character is a scion, blood course and sort of personal assistant to an important vampire, all the while also working for a special division of the police.


First Book of a New Series: Karma Patrol (Fate Divisions #1) – Kate Miller


Really nice first book in a series where there are people who make sure that everyone receives what they deserve.


Published in June, July, or August 2016: Yea Though I Walk (July 11) – J.P. Sloan


Quite unlike his previous novels this one reads like a Western in which a young Godpistol, those who hunt the inhumans, stumbles on a village in which a lot is wrong.


YA or Children’s title: How to Ditch Dead Guys – Ann M. Noser


Second book in the series featuring some magic gone wrong and a string of dead guys returning from the other side. Enjoyable, quick reads.


A Book with a Terrible Cover: Death by Cliché – Bob Defendi


Here’s the cover. Do I need to say more? 


Fantasy: Crimson Tides – Eliza Tilton


Third book in the Daath chronicles continues where the previous books left off. Some of the favorite characters don’t make it to the end of the book though…



Previously finished squares:

Graphic Novels or Comic Book: Alice in Wonderland (Vol 1) – Jun Abe


Travel: Planes, Trains & Road trips: Don’t Eat the Glowing Bananas – David D Hammons



No idea which Summer Book Bingo I’m talking about? Go visit Moonlight Reader, who started it all.

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