Homunculus And The Cat


Homunculus and the Cat (The Omnitheon Cycle Book 1) - Nathan Croft

Set in a world where every fantastical animal and god can be found, prepare for a mash up of almost all things fantasy in Homunculus and the Cat.


Featuring the cat and Tyro, together battling for the one suppressed group in this universe, the Homunculi (Latin for little men), created by Alchemist and apparently soulless.


This is about as much as I understood from the story. While I really like mashups and I loved the idea of putting every fantasy creature together, it caused me to be confused during most if not all of the story. So many things happen all at once, and new characters are introduced almost on every pace. This also caused it to be difficult to really get attached to any of them or to fully appreciate the relationship between Tyro and them.


Which is a shame, because I really wanted to like and understand it better than I did now. It might have been not the right time for me to read this particular book, since I’ve a lot on my mind at the moment, but from other reviewers I read the same about the story feeling a bit splintered and it being disconnected at times.


This is not to say that I wouldn’t want to try the next book, in hopes of some of the troubles being solved. I just like the idea so much!


Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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