Summer Book Bingo: Update #3: BINGO!

Finally: BINGO! I first had like four almost bingos but it was almost impossible to keep adding books without forcing a bingo somewhere. Six squares left, but for some/most of them I have already something in mind. It shouldn’t be too long before I can add the vacation one as I will be going on vacation later this week.


I do hope that I will be allowed though to swap the Read in a boat, tent or cabin one for read in a Hotel room, because otherwise I will never be able to tick that box.


Finished squares:


Beach, Sun or Sand on the Cover: White Sand (Vol. 1) – Brandon Sanderson


Sand. My first venture into the Cosmere universe, but I found the story quite standard and am not completely sold yet, after people have been telling me for years how awesome his books are.


A Blast from the Past: Historical Fiction: And I Darken (Conqueror’s Saga #1) – Kiersten White


Not a fantasy! Although it has been promoted as one! At times really great, but some parts really dragged. Have not yet made my mind up exactly about this one. Set in the fifteenth century in the Ottoman empire.


Comfort Read: Death of an Assassin – Ian Hiatt


From reading the description I assumed this would be a comfort read. I was not mistaken. Nice and fast read without the need to think too much.


Romance: Shining Sea – Mimi Cross


I guess it’s still a Romance even when one of the parties involved is a Siren? Also enough triangles to saturate me for the coming years.


A Hard Book: Homunculus and The Cat – Nathan Croft


This book was unexpectedly hard as it was really difficult to follow what was happening because there were so many things mixed up. I really tried, I swear.


Mystery or Suspense:  The Certificate – Priscilla Masters


Short suspense about a nurse with low self esteem who likes to plan the perfect murder.


A Book Bust or Bummer:  The Panem Companion – V. Arrow


I don’t remember why exactly I wanted to read a book about The Hunger Games but it was not for me. When I was reading I was mostly thinking: You’re looking for far too much meaning in these books.


More than 400 pages long:  The Syndicate – Sophie Davis


Time travel! Always one of my favourites. These particular time travelers travel through time to steal artifacts, which brings the main characters to Paris in the 1920s.


Favorite Re-Read: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (HP #1) – J.K. Rowling


Do I need to explain this one? It was my first time in English though (and also the first read in 7 or 8 years).


Space Opera or other Sci Fi:  Machinations – Stone Hadley


Robot war. Humans are fighting the murdering, rebelling robots. When a leading general is murdered, she is cloned in order to keep help the war effort. But is she the same person?


Previously finished squares:

Graphic Novels or Comic Book: Alice in Wonderland (Vol 1) – Jun Abe


Travel: Planes, Trains & Road trips: Don’t Eat the Glowing Bananas – David D Hammons


New To You Author: Of Scions and Men – Courtney Sloan


First Book of a New Series: Karma Patrol (Fate Divisions #1) – Kate Miller


Published in June, July, or August 2016: Yea Though I Walk (July 11) – J.P. Sloan


YA or Children’s title: How to Ditch Dead Guys – Ann M. Noser


A Book with a Terrible Cover: Death by Cliché – Bob Defendi


Fantasy: Crimson Tides – Eliza Tilton



No idea which Summer Book Bingo I’m talking about? Go visit Moonlight Reader, who started it all.

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