Need Some Advice

Okay, I’ll get straight to it.


I have not only a gigantic TBR, I also have a huge backlog for reviews because I’m trying to get the TBR down and was busy the last few months.


The things is this:

I prefer to just post the one post a day, keep it at regular times and I don’t want to drown anyone in my post. For the last two weeks I’ve been trying with two posts, but I haven’t always managed. Also, it is hardly bringing the backlog down at the moment because I still finish quite a lot of books.


My plan would be to maybe hold some kind of a blogging marathon and post every hour for one or two days in order to sort of catch up with the backlog. You would get a lot of posts from me but I would of course do my best to present you with a variety of different genres. Also, it will be over after the one or two days.


I would plan this to happen somewhere in July.


What do you think? Is it a nice idea?

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