Putting Together The 2017 Challenge

The year is ending rapidly, and while I finished my reading challenge this year very early (250 books), I’ve sort of let my friends trick me into stepping up the game and go for 366 (or A Book A Day). This means I’m still seriously reading these final two weeks. While I think I will be able to make it, I’m still 26 books away, but the holidays are coming, and there are quite some books already (more than) half finished.


Onto the next year. I was thinking what to do. Usually, I always like to read one book more than last year, but I’d rather not push the number of books any more than I already did. Therefore, I’d like to create my own reading challenge. I’ve never really joined the Popsugar reading challenge or other ones, because I like it when I can customize a bit more. Also, I’m looking for a bigger number of tasks in this challenge since while I may not read as many books as I did this year, I’ll certainly plan to read a substantial number.


This is where you come in! I’d really like to have your help in composing the list!

Any nice ideas are most certainly welcome, and I do really like challenging tasks or those outside of my comfort zone but with my huge TBR, I’d rather not have to reread books or get access to a lot of books. Also, I don’t have a library card (since I already have a library filled with my own books that I still need to read). 


Looking forward to your ideas!

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