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Anonymous – The Saga of Gunnlaug Serpent-Tongue (Little Black Classics #3)

The Most Dangerous Game (Remade Season 1#4)

Umta (Remade Season 1#5)

Reality No-Show (Remade Season 1#6)

Mourning Train (Remade Season 1#7)

End of the Line (Remade Season 1#8)

Whiteout (Remade Season 1#9)

Mirror of Fate (Remade Season 1#10)

We’re Dead in This Ghost Town (Remade Season 1#11)

Modern History (Remade Season 1#12)

Memories of Arcadia (Remade Season 1#13)

Margaret Atwood – Hag-seed

Isbelle Bee – The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath (John Loverheart, Esq #1)

Cassandra Clare – City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2)

Wesley Chu – Time Salvager (Time Salvager #1)

Thomas De Quincey – On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts (Little Black Classics #4)

Baltasar Gracián – How to Use Your Enemies (Little Black Classics #12)

Jane Holland – Girl Number One

John Keats – The Eve of St Agnes (Little Black Classics #13)

Kenko – A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees (Little Black Classics #11)

Stacy King – Jane Eyre (Manga Classics)

Marianne Kirby – Dust Bath Revival

Case Maynard – The Surrendered

Seanan McGuire – Discount Armageddon (InCryptid #1)

Seanan McGuire – Midnight Blue-Light Special (InCryptid #2)

Seanan McGuire – One Hell of a Ride (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – No Place Like Home (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – Married in Green (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – Sweet Poison Wine (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – The First Fall (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – Loch and Key (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – We Both Go Down Together (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – Oh Pretty Bird (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – Bury Me in Satin (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – Snakes and Ladders (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – Broken Paper Hearts (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – The Star of New Mexico (InCryptid shorts)

Seanan McGuire – The Way Home (InCryptid shorts)

Kerry Nietz – Amish Vampires in Space

Friedrich Nietzsche – Aphorisms on Love and Hate (Little Black Classics #5)

Justin Richards – The American Adventures (Doctor Who)

Aleatha Romig – Away From the Dark (The Light #2)

J.K. Rowling – Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (Film Edition)

John Ruskin – Traffic (Little Black Classics #6)

Pu Songling – Wailing Ghosts (Little Black Classics #7)

A.D. Starrling – The Warrior Monk (Seventeen #3.1)

A.D. Starrling – The Hunger (Seventeen #3.2)

A.D. Starrling – The Bank Job (Seventeen #3.3)

Jonathan Swift – A Modest Proposal (Little Black Classics #8)

Jodi Taylor – The Very First Damned Thing (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #0.5)

Jodi Taylor – (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s # )

Jodi Taylor – A Symphony of Echoes (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #2)

Jodi Taylor – When A Child Is Born (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #2.5)

Jodi Taylor – A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #3)

Jodi Taylor – Roman Holiday (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #3.5)

Jodi Taylor – A Trail Through Time (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #4)

Jodi Taylor – Christmas Present (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #4.5)

Jodi Taylor – No Time Like The Past (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #5)

Jodi Taylor – What Could Possibly Go Wrong (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #6)

Jodi Taylor – Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #6.5)

Jodi Taylor – Lies, Damned Lies, and History (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s #7)

Wang Wei – Three Tang Dynasty Poets (Little Black Classics #9)

Walt Whitman – Alone on the Beach at Night (Little Black Classics #10)

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