Skin (Insatiable Series Book 1) - Patrick Logan

My last book of 2016 was a freebie from Amazon which sounded like a Stephen King novel. It sounded like the perfect winter read, but in the end, left me warm nor cold.


An unhappy group of people come together to celebrate Christmas, when, unfortunately a blizzard makes sure they are all trapped. At the same time everyone seems to be called by a dark spirit who asks them to come, come, come.


Mwah, I don’t know it for this novel. It was really not my style, so maybe other people will enjoy it a lot better than I did. There was a lot of repetition (after a while I was almost going insane myself if there would be ‘come’ one more time). The story doesn’t provide anything new. I should probably have chosen a better book to end the year with.


On to 2017!

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