Silly Little Daddy And The Knife


Silly Little Daddy and the Knife - Stefan Denk

This was a book that I normally wouldn’t have picked up, but since it made its way into my home, and I’m incapable of not reading books that cross my path directly, I decided to give it a try.

It is a short story designed to teach children that knives are not toys. While this is of course a noble lesson, there were some troubles with the book. The major thing was the main characters name. The child is called ‘Silly Little Daddy’ which is easy the most stupid name I’ve read in a long time. It also doesn’t make sense. Another thing had to do with the illustrations. The child is supposedly with his grandparents, which look like they are about 20 years old.  

Maybe these are no big things, but in such a small book, they really stood out.

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