Written In Red


Written in Red - Anne Bishop

It is not often that a book is recommended to me as much as Written in Red (and the entire Others series really) has been recommended to me. Over the last few years I have heard so many great things about it that I decided to give it a go.

Meg has escaped her compound and is looking for a place to hide when she sees the sign at the Lakeside Courtyard – Human Law Does Not Apply. While working as their Human Liaison (which is really stretching it as Meg herself is a cassandra sangue) she gets to know the Others (or terra indigene as they prefer to call themselves) which consists of anything from vampires, shapeshifters to Elementals. Meanwhile, Meg’s master really wants her back and will stop at nothing.

It was a very enjoyable book. In the beginning I was slightly disappointed because after all the recommendations I thought it was rather slow. After I while though, I was really caught by it and it was very difficult to put the book down. I’m already looking forward to reading the second book (but it will have to wait until I finish reading some other books). Nevertheless, there were some things I didn’t particularly like or thought were strange (maybe it will be better explained in the next novel). The romance angle that I feel coming since the start of the book is making me cringe already, but since nothing really happened in this book, I’m only stating that I’m sure that is where it is going.

Onto book two!

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