City Of Miracles


City of Miracles - Robert Jackson Bennett

With City of Miracles one, if not the best, fantasy series of the last couple of years comes to an end. I cannot start to express just how much I loved reading them. The world is so complex, as are the characters, and these series is so emancipated that I really couldn’t tell if they male of female based on their position (but without making a show of it, which means it felt all the more real). Before I just keep rambling about the series, let me tell you one thing: it comes highly recommended! (But start with City of Stairs, the first one)

City of Miracles follows Sigrud, some fifteen years after the previous books, as he learns of Shara’s dead. I was shocked at this at first, since she was the main character from the first book, but it really works. As Sigurd tries to protect her daughter, he learns about something that is bigger than them all.

I enjoyed it so much I don’t know how to put it best into words. I recommend taking some proper time to really immerse yourself into the world because it will be worth it. It is not often that I’m so saddened by a book, but the ending was right in the feels. I also felt some pain because it meant this adventure is over. Did Robert Jackson Bennett write other books besides The Divine Cities? If so, I must get them NOW.

Thanks to Blogging for Books and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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