Escape In Time


Escape in Time (Extractor) - Robyn Nyx

I like time travel a lot, as in when I have to chose a superpower I will chose time travel. As a substitute until that time, I like to read about others travelling through time and space.

Escape in Time follows Delaney and Landry who work for an organisation that rescues objects and persons from times past. In this, they completely forget the first rule of time travel: don’t mess with the past (it will come back at you). So, do not expect a book which focuses on the rules of time travel or a book that’s SCIENCE fiction. Either way, they are sent to Nazi Germany to save a Jewish doctor on the brink of finding the cure for cancer (on a purely scientific note: the chances of there being one single cure for all cancers is probably slimmer than me having to chose a superpower).

This rescue mission encompasses multiple years of an undercover operation, in which they have to withstand a lot (I won’t go into the details because of possible spoiling, but still). It’s OK but predictable that the big bosses at the organization are complete jerks and don’t give a shit about their employers, but it seems rather harsh either way.  The rest of the book is made up with several (lesbian) romances. I normally don’t like to read romances, and there was quite some angst, it didn’t bother me as it sometimes bothers me.

It left me with some questions and a huge cliff hanger, so I would be curious to read the sequel.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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