The Devil’s Star


The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbø, Jo Nesbø

I had read one book by Jo Nesbø and I liked it, so when I came across Marekors (in Dutch: Dodelijk Patroon) I wanted to read it.

Each fifth day, there’s a ritual murder in Oslo. Harry Hole starts with his final weeks at the police due to his drinking problem. But he still gets involved in this case. So is his archenemy, Tom Waaler…

I didn’t read all the books about Harry Hole yet, so I couldn’t understand where everything about Tom Waaler was all about. But I guess that’s my own mistake, because I didn’t read them in the right order. I like the book. Especially in the beginning it starts with quite some murders and you are thrown right in to the story. I liked the writing style, it was fast and nice to read. It took me some time to get respect for the end of the book and the way Nesbo (forgive me that last letter) had made up the story.

But I start to think that alcoholism is an occupational disease for policemen…

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