The Sky Is Yours


The Sky is Yours - Chandler Klang Smith

I can not start to describe The Sky Is Yours, but I’m sure it will end up on my most talked out list for sure. Dragons (who seem to just be there) have taken over Empire Island and the surviving humans try to make the best of it run either by the super-rich or the mafia. Amidst all this, Duncan and Swanny prepare their forced marriage. And then, hell breaks lose.

I feel conflicted about The Sky Is Yours. At first, I didn’t know what to think about it, and honestly, I was having some trouble to keep my attention focused on the book. Duncan and Swanny are both rather flawed characters, which made them interesting and a little bit annoying at the same time, but I couldn’t figure out what kind of book it wanted to be (after reading all of it, I’m still not sure).

What I can say though is that it is unlike any of the other Dystopian or dragon filled books that I’ve read, and I’ve read quite a few. This is one of those books I can only classify as genre-defying. Is it all good? No, there are quite a few stereotypes being played out and some of it is just a bit too much. Would I recommend it? That’s a difficult one, since it certainly isn’t for everyone, however it had something of a fresh tone (that we so desperately need in the Dystopian scene) so I’m looking forward to Chandler Klang Smith’s next work.

Thanks to Blogging for Books and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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