The Cat Dancers


The Cat Dancers - P.T. Deutermann

I’ve finally decided to work my way through the 30 or so Dutch books that are still standing unread on my shelves. As I’m almost exclusively reading English for the last few years, these books had been forgotten a bit. Cat Dancers was the book longest on my shelf so that’s why I decided to pick it up now.

While some books, like wine, get better with age, this was not one of those. The story felt so incredibly dated and late-90s (part of me is to blame for leaving the book on my shelves for so long after buying it in a sale long ago). Especially the parts on internet and computers. It was a much more difficult book to focus on, because my thoughts kept wandering to basically anything else. For this kind of books, there was little real policing and everyone was constantly jumping to (the wrong) conclusions.

On a more positive note: The name will make sense after reading the book.

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