TBR Thursday (on a Sunday)

Last week has been a bit of a weird week for me. The weekend I spent with a short trip to London, followed by – finally – the move of our research lab to the health campus when on Thursday I managed to burn my hand when trying to pour a cup of soup. I never new soup was that warm. While the hand is healing fine, I completely forgot about the Thursday update, and typing was quite difficult anyway.


On to the Bookish stuff. Both the month of January and trips to London always bring great books to add to the TBR. I hope to finish some of the quickly, but also need to take a look at the ROOT part of my challenge, because I fear at this point I’m failing it quite dramatically.


TBR as of today: 1746 (+4)


Books read in 2019: 8 (+2)


Pages in 2019: 1114 (+398)


What I’ve Read This Week



Currently Reading


On Paper




On eReader




On Audio



Books added to Mt TBR


Tree Books








Have you read any of these books?

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