Reading Slump (Zero out of Five, Would Not Recommend)

It’s been awhile.


The reason for this is I’ve been through -this sounds more dramatic really than it was- my biggest reading slump in years over the past couple of months. I was surprised and it took some time for me to realize what was happening. I’ve been reading steadily for at least the last five years (and although I’ve tuned down my reading challenge a bit since 2018 what with the PhD and everything) I felt everything was going fine. Also reading wise. Until it didn’t.


I guess I was stuck with some books I didn’t enjoy reading and it is not in my nature to quit them. I know I can’t really complain since I still read six books in the worst month of it. But more than the sheer lack of books being read it was much the feeling that encompassed it. I didn’t feel like reading (very weird feeling, would not recommend it 😉 ). I am ashamed to say some books (I always read multiple at any given time) took me half a year to finish. But finish them I did and finally saw some light at the end of the reading tunnel.


I’m happy to say the joy of reading has returned to me, and I feel like I’ve been making up for lost time, slowly trying to catch up with my reading challenge (which I still hope to make by the end of the year). Only 14 books behind (rather than 30), so it’s already a win.


However, when I didn’t feel like reading I also didn’t feel like writing about it, so I haven’t spend much time on here lately. I will have to write some reviews to catch up and I hope you can forgive me for my absence.


PS. I plan on taking on the 24-in-48 again, however previous attempts have gone horribly awry (last time my parents decided to bring home a cat, and the reading was done for the weekend) so I’m curious to see where it is going.

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